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praxix haiti

Praxis International (Praxis) is a 501(c)3 organization working to develop the economic and social vibrancy of the rural mountain community in Lavanneau, Haiti. Development is pursued through a holistic approach emphasizing sustainable practices.

In 2010, Praxis launched the startup of a Center for Agricultural Training and Research (CEFA) on a 30-acre agricultural property in the rural mountains of Lavanneau. CEFA’s mission is to train local farmers by improving farming techniques and thereby enhance the economy of the region through the increased trade of agricultural goods. CEFA offers students a vital education that, prior to the arrival of Praxis, was unavailable in this area. Through “hands-on” agricultural classes, CEFA is effectively responding to the central agricultural problems in this area, mainly: poor farming techniques, lack of training in basic agronomy, environmentally damaging farming practices and poor crop yields.

Along with improvements in agricultural production, Praxis has also brought training in food preparation through its culinary classes. Increased variety both in single food options as well as diversified meal courses has helped to maximize the dietary practices of the local residents. Additional employment opportunities have become available to graduates of the classes due to their new skill sets and knowledge basis.

Outside of the formal activities we are involved in, Praxis comes alongside its neighbors in various supportive and collaborative roles.