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Improving Circumstances

Praxis Haiti - Monday, December 05, 2011

Fania Floristal is a graduate of Praxis’ first culinary class held in early 2011. She is shy and soft-spoken but is determined to improve her circumstances for the sake of her children. Fania has a 7th grade education and had never held a job; she earned very little money by selling home commodities like towels and sheets at the open market in Jacmel.

Upon her graduation from the cooking class, she approached the Concepcions and asked if she could work for them as a cook. Soon after her employment, Fania became a single mother to her three girls when her physically abusive husband left town. With less than a week before the first day of school, she was scrambling to find money for tuition and uniforms (books and supplies would have to wait). Praxis made an appeal through its network to create an educational fund to help Fania and her girls. As a result, several children, including Fania’s three girls, are currently enrolled in school on full scholarships.