Praxis believes providing education to people within the community both directly and indirectly is a vital piece of the puzzle to restoring and renewing this once vibrant and fertile land.

  • Vocational Training
  • Capacity Improvement
  • Scholarship Opportunities
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Agricultural Development

Praxis realizes that a strong component of our vision is working to rebuild the community of Lavanneau that has suffered degradation of the environment and the expatriation of knowledge for half a century.

  • Improved Techniques
  • Composting
  • Chicken Coop
  • Water Management
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Praxis is able to advocate on behalf of the members of Lavanneau, as an intrinsic part of that community.   We seek to bolster the existing social infrastructure by maximizing the impact of local networks.

  • Enhancing networking capabilities
  • Providing additional credibility and mediation to facilitate cooperation
  • Securing broader access to available opportunities
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Community Presence

Having a presence in the community gives Praxis a deeper understanding of the challenges, struggles and joys of the people we seek to help.

  • Engaging the community holistically.
  • Having firsthand knowledge of the community's needs.
  • Focusing our full attention on one community.
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The rural area of Lavanneau, Haiti is an agricultural community that has seen a steady exodus of talent and resources since the 1950's. We're helping to prime the pump of community-based economic development, with the hope of a sustainable future. We see great value in redeveloping social and economic activity in a once vibrant region. Haiti's regeneration will take a community of supporters and we invite you to join us in this worthwhile endeavor.Learn More


Emily, Tampa, FL

I left Haiti with three words in my mind to describe the work Gina and Steve are doing with Praxis in Lavanneau: Living, loving and laughing (and sometimes crying) with those who struggle just to survive and benefit from the teaching and training that's going on.